About Our Cattle

Beef cattle on our farm spend their entire life free grazing pastures. They do receive supplemental hay in the winter and are able to graze winter annuals. They also receive vitamin and mineral supplementation.  Canton of Wye is our herd sire from the University of Maryland Wye Plantation. We have registered Angus females and commercial Angus females. Our mission is to provide quality, nutritious beef to our customers. Our ground beef has tested at 85% lean and our steaks have minimal fat.  All product is dry aged. Farm House Beef comes from registered angus cows that are raised on lush green pastures of fescue, orchard grass and clover.   Their diet consist of 99% grass with a winter mineral protein supplement to insure proper nutrition.  There are no antibiotics or hormones used on our animals.   Beef is processed without preservatives or additives.  All orders are USDA  processed and wrapped to our customer’s request.


Currently we have an Angus herd that has 30 producing females .  Former herd Sires are Canton of Wye and a Faxton of Wye Son, Fancy of Wye.   Our herd Sire is Chester of Wye, an Alat of Wye Son.  We do implement rotational grazing practices year round.  We also use intensive grazing management practices and do not use any chemicals on our pastures.  Our cattle do not receive any hormones or antibiotics and we always use safe and humane cattle handling practices.