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Beef Order Form

Please use this handy form below to decide on how much product you would like to order then give us a call at (770) 856-9694 or enter your contact information into the online form Prime_Rib_with_Herbbelow to have one of our staff personally reach you to place your order by phone with a friendly, knowledgeable person who can answer any questions that you may have.  If you aren’t sure about the cuts, see our Beef Cuts page for a chart of different cuts.  Be sure to check out our Package Deals!   All orders are to be picked up at one of our Market Locations or at our North Carolina Farm.

**Prices may change monthly due to changes in the market and can be verified at time of order.**

Download: 2016 Price List

Farm House Beef Price List
Contact: 770-856-9694 or 828-713-7688
Price List for Farm House Beef $/lb
Brisket 7.50
Chuck Eye Steaks 8.75
Chuck, Shoulder, Rump & Bottom Roast 7.75
Cube Steak 7.30
Dog/Marrow bones Indv. Priced
Eye of Round Roast or London Broil 8.25
Flank Steak 17.00
Flat Iron, Hanger or Skirt Steak 11.25
Ground Beef (1 lb. Packs) 7.30
Ground Beef Patties (4-4oz/pk) 8.30
Ground Chuck or Round (1 lb Packs) 8.00
Ground Sirloin (1 lb Packs) 10.25
Kabob or Stir Fry 8.00
Kidney, Liver, Heart or Sweetbread 4.50
Meaty Neck Bones 4.00
NY Strip Steak 15.75
Oso Buco (Shank) 6.00
Ox Tail 7.50
Prime Rib Roast 18.00
Rib Eye (Bone in) 15.75
Ribs (Short or Boneless) 7.85
Sausage (Beef) 8.00
Sirloin-tip or Tri-tip roast, tips 10.25
Sirloin, Tri- tip or Coulette steak 11.00
Stew 7.85
Tenderloin (Filet) 24.50
Tongue 6.00
Packages $/Pack
Pack #1-6 (1lb. Packs) Ground Beef 43.00
Pack #2-12 (1lb. Packs) Ground Beef 84.00
Pack #1A-6 (1lb. Pks) Grd. Round or Chuck 47.00
Pack#3(Griller) consists of:
3 lb sirloin, 4 lb ribs & 6 lbs grd beef 106.00
Other family discount packs are available!
carolyn@farmhousebeef.com   or   770-856-9694
mike@farmhousebeef.com   or   828-713-7688

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